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Boardman is famous in the market for bikes that are adequate That perform better than the cost suggests. It is no different with the 500 Boardman Road Sport–I have been impressed.

Boardman Road Sport particulars


Boardman Road Sport is a metal frame that is X7 Finished using alloy steerer and a aluminum fork . What’s nice about this frame is the welds in the head and seatstay tube combines, which helps to make the bicycle resemble a machine that is midlevel. It has internal cable routing to assist clean the framework up.


Shimano Claris Is something found on 500bikes:equipment changes are ensured it’s dependable and the hood silhouette is adequate.

YougetBoardman alloy handlebar, saddle and seatpin stem, which all worked well. I am sure it will help lower the cost being the own but when this frees up all of this budget to be spent framework of Boardman it’good in my view.

The CXP22N shod with Vittoria Zaffiro tyres are a addition but when financesallowed I Had update thesestraight off — a lacklustre on all fronts.


Why is the Boardman stand out of its rivals it handles its own own weight. Sitting at 9.9kg it’s by no way a featherweight but it’s a great capability to feel lighter than it really is, particularly at10 into 16mph. The point where the Boardman Road Sport is in its finest, this is: the ride feels comfortable, secure and the framework provides directness that is enough to help propel you together.

Because it does stall its weight, it is perfect, however and when you shove over 20mph, it begins to provide a little bit of street buzz. When cornering 9, it is not the most direct. However, this is down to those CXP22N wheels, that are insubstantial and heavy. Replace them with somewheels using a broader inner border diameter (to allow those 25c tyres sit better), discard a little weight and it is going to improve matters.


It’s all about value for the money. The Claris groupset works along with the wheels do the task, the framework seems great and the ride is superb. These add up.

I see value here from the frame using a couple tweaks you’ll have the ability to transform this bike.

The Boardman Road Sport is among the choices at this price point. It does exactly what we would like while not looking to be an bike, bikes to perform. A few modifications, such as the brakes, would observe this bicycle and all the 1,000 price point compete .

Triplebutted X7 aluminium

Carbon blades/alu steerer

50cm, 53cm, 56cm, 59cm


Shimano Claris

50/34, 1128t

Mavic CXP22N


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Boardman metal

Boardman metal

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