Attentive as one might be, accidents happen all the time. We do like to drink fruit juices, we like it a lot else to have the glass content spilled on our carpet. Here is a short guide about cleaning such juice’s spilling. The following site carpet cleaning service has lots of infos about carpet cleaning.

So, the moment you’re aware there is some juice spilling on your carpet, use a thick paper towel and simply blot the juice the most you can. That way, you’re sure if won’t penetrate further. To make that cleaning easier, simply spray some warm water over the stained area. Then simply blot the warm water you just sprayed. Check here carpet cleaner to learn more about carpet cleaning while this site local carpet cleaner will inform you more about carpet cleaning.

The infos about how to remove such juice spilling can be found in many places. If that’s the first time you’re experiencing such an accident: simply check the internet. Before choosing any kind of cleaning solution, you should find out more about the following: what kind of cleaners are useful, and the ones that will damage further your carpet. Before using the product on your carpet, start by testing it. You can test the solution by applying some of it on a remote part of your carpet. Feel free to use your solution on the spilled area if the test is 100% ok.

Be sure to have in your house a general and good cleaning product you can use when such accidents do happen. Always keep in mind that buying a carpet means that some accidents, like juice spilling, will indeed happen.

What should you do to clean such juice from your carpet ? The next step after blotting the area (from the juice and warm water) is to prepare a solution made of some non-bleaching detergent or carpet shampoo with some warm water. Then simply dip some cloth (clean one) into your solution. Proceed to apply it on the stained area. Gently rub the cloth over the stained area using circular moves in order to keep the stain from spreading and to have the solution penetrate the spot. Keep doing the previous moves until the stain has not been fully removed and that your paper towel is still good for cleaning.

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